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How many different phone numbers do you have to call to located the right service with the right technician?

What can you do to limit the number of outside vendors walking through your business on a daily basis?

Wouldn`t it be nice to have one reliable vendor, one who knows your equipment inside and out, who understand the many facets of industrial machinery and can install or fix it right the first time?

CRS Machine Rebuilders is you "Outsourcing Solution"

Machine Shop:

. Turning up to 40" inches in diameter on our 24` engine lathe

. Grinding up to 192" x 36" x 36" on our Thompson Hydraulic Surface Grinder

. Milling

. Drilling

Manufacture of Replacement or Spare Parts:

.Shafts / Rolls-Rollers / Bronze & Babbitt Bearings / Trunnions / Housings / Frames


Field Services:

. On Premises Repairs / On Tri State Area

Industries We Serve:

. Machine Shops / Lighting Manufactures / Sheet Metal Industries / Iron Workers / Auto Manufactures / Pharmaceutics / Government


Custom Precision Repairs Refurbishing & Modification of Machinery:

. Lathes / Milling Machines / Grinders / Drill Press / Presses / Press Brakes / Roller Benders / Shears


Welding & Fabrication:

. Fabricated Components / Weld Repairs / etc... etc... etc...

With CRS Machine Rebuilders you will have access to skilled technicians and over $ 2,000.000 word of tools and equipment.

We are available 8 hours a day, six (6) days a week to satisfy you specialty and emergency requirements and we are fully insured.



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